About cwc llc

cwc llc is an independent management consulting firm, providing expertise across industries with a focus on HR and IT functions. Being the trusted partner for advisory projects and execution, we provide sustainable solutions for all stakeholders on a global scale.

Global HR organisation

Design and build of lean and effective Global HR organisations. Global HR organisation help the organisation to provide effective HR solutions in an optimised manner.

Project management

Applying best practises with project management standards. Planning and transition management are the key to success. Project management is the means to achieve the objective. And not the other way around.

Turn-around and growth strategies

Are you sure, you have a strategy? And is it still the right one? We can guide you through the assessment and strategy development process.

Managing change - and the transition

Why me? Why now? And what is in it for me. Change is the only constant in itself. It requires a multi-level and multi-channel approach which sensitively takes the specifics of the stakeholders into account.
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